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Giving Notice - Many people think that the best day to give notice is Friday afternoon. It is not, especially in this corporate environment where counteroffers are considered a vital corporate tool. Giving notice on Friday gives your boss and bosses all weekend to develop their strategy. Though the best time to give notice is ALWAYS as soon as possible after (never before) the written offer is accepted, the best time to give notice is Monday or Tuesday in the afternoon around 4:00 P.M.. That way you won't have to spend the rest of the day answering questions about why you are leaving and where you are going.

Letter of Resignation - Write a letter of resignation and give it to your boss to open the resignation meeting. It is a very simple letter and direct to the point. The point of the letter and the ensuing conversation need not be about where you are going and what you are doing next. Rather it should focus on your transition during the next 2 weeks.

Sample Resignation Letter

Company Name
City State Zip

Dear Name:

This will constitute my notification to you of my resignation from _______Company____ effective _____date_____.

Please accept my sincere gratitude to both you and _____Company_____ for the opportunities extended to me during my time with your company. My decision to resign was reached after much thought; however, I have accepted a position with another company, which will be in the best interest of my family and my career.

Again, thank you very much for all your past courtesies.


Your Name

The "Giving Notice" Meeting - The following is a verbal icebreaker used to open the meeting with your boss. It will aid in getting right to the point without unnecessary small talk and makes clear that you are not planning to talk about your decision to leave. Instead, it is clear that what you plan to discuss is the transition now that you have made a commitment to leave. Have the resignation letter in hand and start the conversation by saying:

"Boss, I have made a commitment to join another organization and will begin working with them in 2 weeks. Please accept this, my letter of resignation. I would ask that you take a minute to read my letter before we discuss together how we can make my transition as smooth as possible."

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